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solar panel maintenance

The Solar Panel Doctors is here to educate and assist homeowners with solar panels on how to maintain maximum efficiency with solar panel cleaning and more. Our prices are tailored to make sure that you save money. We offer a range of services including: cleaning, repairs, monitor installation, bird netting, system management, brokerage and sub-contracting.

Our company was started due to the lack of education on solar panel repair & installation. There are many companies and salesman who are quick to sell solar without proper education and maintenance practices. This is leading to an overall inefficiency in the solar community. We are the solution to the issue and we aim not only to help current system owners but future ones as well.

After years of troubleshooting faulty solar electric systems, we realized that there was high demand for qualified individuals to restore systems. It was built on the ashes of solar companies who forgot their clients. For a solar energy company that does solar panel installation, repair, and cleaning, contact us in Anaheim, CA and the surrounding areas today!

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